Free Financial Advice*

MMB Finance is an independent financial adviser offering advice for mortgages, specialist insurance and estate planning. Thanks to being independent and working locally in Swindon and the greater district, we are able to offer our clients a level of service not available from most financial advisers.

For the majority of our financial advice we charge no fees!

All our advice to you is given for free*. We earn from the commission given to us from the mortgage lender, insurance underwriter or other service provider, whose financial product you decide to take.

* Although our financial advice is usually free-of-charge, there are occasional cirumstances where we will charge for our advice. Typically, a fee may be charged where the advice being requested is for complex situations. In any case, if a fee is to be charged, this will be made clear and agreed in advance of any advice being given.
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Why Do We Not Charge For Our Advice?

Unlike many financial advisers, we do not charge for our advice, because we see giving advice as an integral part of the service of recommending the best financial solution for your requirements. We take our reward from the commission we earn from the company whose financial product you take out.

In addition, being independent and working with the local community in Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, we are able to given you objective and neutral advice about the best solution for you. We are not tied to a single finance house - we have access to all financial service providers in the UK, so that you will benefit from the full spectrum of financial services available to you.

To find out more, get in touch with us today by filling out the form on this page, or calling the number below.

What Makes MMB Finance's Services Unique In Swindon?

Face-to-Face Service

Another advantage of being independent and our long experience as financial advisers is that we are able to provide you with a full range of financial services, including mortgages, second charge loans, buy-to-let mortgages, life insurance, family protection insurance, buildings and contents insurance, estate planning, will writing and personal finance planning, amongst others.

This means that we are able to advise you on your entire financial position, rather than only specific parts. This could help you save cost, in the long-term, by ensuring you have the right financial services for your circumstances.

No Fees For Advice

We charge no fees* for our advice to you, which means our advice is effectively free!

Most advisers, such as estate agents and other businesses offering usually charge a broker's fee on top of the commission they receive from the lender. You can be assured that you will not be charged such fees by us.

* Please note that the exception to this is where we are dealing with a complex case, when fees will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Local Knowledge & Experience

We tend to concentrate on working locally, within a 40 mile radius of Swindon (Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath, Cirencester, Oxford, Reading) and have strong ties to Swindon and its surrounding regions. Many of our loyal clients have been with us for over 25 years and we regularly review and update their financial plans. Our reputation is strong, as is our customer satisfaction, with many positive reviews from previous clients.

Our local knowledge brings experience of the local market and its trends. This crucial information can make a difference to the advice given to you, as local influences can be very different to national trends. Therefore, our local knowledge is used to make sure you have sound financial advice to give you the financial services which are best for you.

100% Independent Broker

MMB Finance has been a leading independent brokerage in Swindon since 1996 and has over 35 years of industry experience. Being independent means we are not tied to any bank, building society or lender of any type. Consequently, you can be assured that you will always receive objective advice, which is suited to your personal situation.

Furthermore, being an independent broker, we have access to any lender, bank or building society in the UK, which gives you access to the best possible product for your needs.

Full Range of Financial Services

In this age of online communication, all too many financial advisers never actually meet their clients to discuss the best solutions for them. At MMB Finance, we pride ourselves on working on a face-to-face basis wherever possible to discuss your finances in a friendly and relaxed way in your own home or office. Our advice is tailored to your personal circumstances and goals, so it makes sense to meet in-person so that all aspects of your finances are taken into account when advising you on your .