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Nestled in the heart of Swindon's Old Town professional district, MMB Finance is an independent financial adviser, founded in 1996. Our commitment is to cater to your unique financial needs by offering comprehensive advice across all facets of your finances, including advising on the right building and contents insurance protection for your circumstances.

MMB Finance – Your Personal Buildings and Contents Insurance Adviser In Swindon

MMB Finance is Swindon's premier independent buildings and contents insurance adviser. Whether you are looking to protect your family home, or a business, our buildings and contents insurance advice will help you find the right policy for your needs. At MMB Finance, we believe in building lasting relationships through face-to-face consultations, ensuring we fully understand your needs to secure the best buildings and contents protection for you.
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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Understanding Buildings and Contents Insurance

Buildings and contents insurance are two fundamental types of insurance policies, which provide protection for your property and belongings. They are often discussed together, because they complement each other, offering comprehensive coverage for both the structure of a building and the items within it. Understanding the specifics of each can help you make informed decisions about safeguarding your property.

Buildings Insurance Explained

Buildings insurance is designed to cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding the structure of your property in the event of damage or destruction. This type of insurance typically covers the physical structure of a building, including walls, roofs, floors, and permanent fixtures such as built-in kitchens and bathrooms. It is essential for homeowners, but is also crucial for business premises.

The coverage usually extends to damage caused by a range of events, including but not limited to:

  1. Fire, smoke and explosions
  2. Storms, floods and natural disasters
  3. Theft or attempted theft, leading to structural damage
  4. Vandalism
  5. Water damage from leaking pipes
  6. Subsidence (the gradual sinking of land causing the building to sink)

Contents Insurance Explained

Whilst building insurance covers the structure, contents insurance is all about protecting the items inside your property. This includes furniture, electronic goods, clothing, and personal belongings. For businesses, this extends to office equipment, inventory, and other assets vital to business operations.

Contents insurance typically covers losses or damage due to:

  1. Theft or burglary
  2. Fire and smoke damage
  3. Water damage, such as burst pipes
  4. Vandalism
  5. Storm or flood damage affecting belongings

Combined Coverage for Comprehensive Protection

Although buildings and contents insurance can be purchased separately, combining them offers a more comprehensive protection strategy. This approach ensures that both the structure of your property and the belongings within it are safeguarded against a wide range of risks. For homeowners, this means peace of mind knowing that their home and its contents are protected. For businesses, it ensures continuity and financial protection against unforeseen events that could otherwise disrupt operations.

At MMB Finance, we understand that every property and its contents are unique. That is why we offer personalised advice to help you determine the right level of coverage for your specific needs. Whether you are insuring a family home, a rental property, or a business facility, we work with you to tailor a policy that provides the protection you need, considering factors like the value of your property, the nature of your belongings, and your specific risk factors.

Additional Buildings and Contents Insurance Coverage Options

Whilst standard buildings and contents insurance policies provide a solid foundation of protection, many individuals and businesses in Swindon require additional coverage options to fully safeguard their properties and possessions. These additional options can be important in providing complete peace of mind and financial security. MMB Finance offers advice for a range of supplementary coverage options to ensure that your insurance policy meets all your specific needs.

Accidental Damage Cover

Accidental damage cover is one of the most popular additional options. It extends your policy to include damage caused unintentionally, such as spilling wine on a carpet or a child breaking a window while playing. For businesses, this might cover accidental damage to equipment or machinery.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance can be a valuable addition, providing coverage for legal costs associated with property disputes, employment disputes, or contract disputes. This coverage is particularly beneficial for businesses that may face legal challenges and need financial support to cover legal fees.

Home Emergency Cover

Home emergency cover is designed to help homeowners deal with emergencies, which require immediate attention, such as a broken boiler, burst pipes, or a compromised security system. This coverage typically includes the cost of call-outs, labour, and materials for emergency repairs.

Business Interruption Insurance

For businesses, business interruption insurance is an essential additional coverage. It compensates for lost income during periods when you cannot carry out business as usual due to an insured event, such as damage to your premises. This coverage helps maintain cash flow and covers operating expenses while your business is recovering.

Personal Possessions Cover Outside The Home

For individuals, extending contents insurance to include personal possessions cover outside the home can be beneficial. This covers items like phones, laptops, and cameras when you are away your home in Swindon, providing protection against loss, theft, or damage.

Increased Cover for High-Value Items

Both individuals and businesses may have high-value items, which exceed the standard limits of a typical policy. Additional coverage can be arranged for expensive items such as jewellery, art, antiques, or specialised business equipment.

Public Liability Insurance

For businesses, public liability insurance is an important addition. It covers legal costs and compensation payments if your business is held responsible for injury to a person or damage to their property.

What Makes MMB Finance's Buildings and Contents Insurance Services Unique In Swindon?

Face-to-Face Service

Another advantage of being independent and our long experience as financial advisers is that we are able to provide you with a full range of financial services, including mortgages, second charge loans, buy-to-let mortgages, life insurance, family protection insurance, buildings and contents insurance, estate planning, will writing and personal finance planning, amongst others.

This means that we are able to advise you on your entire financial position, rather than only specific parts. This could help you save cost, in the long-term, by ensuring you have the right financial services for your circumstances.

No Fees For Buildings and Contents Insurance Advice

We charge no fees* for our Buildings and Contents Insurance advice to you, which means our advice is effectively free!

Most Buildings and Contents Insurance advisers, such as estate agents and other businesses offering Buildings and Contents Insurance usually charge a broker's fee on top of the commission they receive from the lender. You can be assured that you will not be charged such fees by us.

* Please note that the exception to this is where we are dealing with a complex case, when fees will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Local Knowledge & Experience

We tend to concentrate on working locally, within a 40 mile radius of Swindon (Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath, Cirencester, Oxford, Reading) and have strong ties to Swindon and its surrounding regions. Many of our loyal clients have been with us for over 25 years and we regularly review and update their financial plans. Our reputation is strong, as is our customer satisfaction, with many positive reviews from previous clients.

Our local knowledge brings experience of the local market and its trends. This crucial information can make a difference to the advice given to you, as local influences can be very different to national trends. Therefore, our local knowledge is used to make sure you have sound financial advice to give you the financial services which are best for you.

100% Independent Buildings and Contents Insurance Broker

MMB Finance has been a leading independent Buildings and Contents Insurance brokerage in Swindon since 1996 and has over 35 years of industry experience. Being independent means we are not tied to any bank, building society or lender of any type. Consequently, you can be assured that you will always receive objective Buildings and Contents Insurance advice, which is suited to your personal situation.

Furthermore, being an independent Buildings and Contents Insurance broker, we have access to any lender, bank or building society in the UK, which gives you access to the best possible Buildings and Contents Insurance product for your needs.

Full Range of Financial Services

In this age of online communication, all too many financial advisers never actually meet their clients to discuss the best solutions for them. At MMB Finance, we pride ourselves on working on a face-to-face basis wherever possible to discuss your finances in a friendly and relaxed way in your own home or office. Our Buildings and Contents Insurance advice is tailored to your personal circumstances and goals, so it makes sense to meet in-person so that all aspects of your finances are taken into account when advising you on your Buildings and Contents Insurance.

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