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Useful information about stamp duty 

Stamp Duty is paid by everyone purchasing a property in England, Northern Ireland and Wales above £125,000, including overseas buyers.

You must pay stamp duty to the HMRC 30 days from the date of completion or you may risk a fine. But don’t worry about this as your conveyancing solicitors should take care of this for you and ensure you don't miss the deadline.

Important note stamp duty is only payable on the land purchase and are not charged on, removable fixtures and fittings, or chattels. Therefore, remember to tell your solicitor about any fittings you’ve agreed to pay for, but did not form part of the total property price.

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You have to pay Stamp Duty (or Stamp Duty Land Tax, to give it its full name) if you buy a property in the UK costing more than £125,000.

From 1 April 2016, Stamp Duty Land Tax will increase by 3% on top of current rates, for purchases of additional residential properties, such as buy to let properties and second homes.

Use this calculator to work out how much Stamp Duty you'll need to pay.

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